AFK kick rule?

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AFK kick rule?

Postby [Æ] kingas » Tue 04 Jun 2019, 12:45

Hi all.

As I cannot post to the "Social Members Only" section of the forums I have placed my inquiry here. Admins please feel free to remove or move to a more appropriate location.

My question is regarding rule - "1. Don't kick AFK" in relation to the taxi race server.

I have noticed that in recent times there are more and more players going AFK in the Taxi server to an extent where earlier today I saw no less than eight AFK's. This is leading to frustration by other guests and consequently more requests that they be kicked. It would seem detrimental to the server to have half of the slots filled by inactive players. Of note is player "DrunkStoned" who is almost always AFK when he is in the server.

My questions are:
1. What is the reasoning behind this rule?
2. Is there ever an exception to this rule when AFK's should or could be removed from the server?
3. If a kick is sometimes allowable, how should I execute such a command? My RCON rights only allow for a temporary ban of ten minutes when a kick would probably be more appropriate.

Cheers - Kingas.

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Re: AFK kick rule?

Postby legend996 » Tue 04 Jun 2019, 13:58


We indeed have a rule to not kick AFKs mainly because they are useful for seeding the server, whether they are admins, or just regular players.
However, if an AFK is somehow affecting other players (like blocking a path or a teleporter), feel free to kill him as many times as you need to until he respawns at another place.


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Re: AFK kick rule?

Postby byAMC » Wed 05 Jun 2019, 03:33

u are level 2... you can kick players with /kick or /k
I saw logs and you do not use warnings, remember to use them
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Re: AFK kick rule?

Postby [Æ] kingas » Wed 05 Jun 2019, 13:23

Maybe something is lost in translation here, I fully understand the "seeding" of the server.
I am more interested in what I should do in the situation that I mentioned where half the server is AFK. This is surely not beneficial to the server or the clan when guests are complaining about the situation and ultimately leaving to go to a different server.
The kick command does work for me now, up until recently it did not and my only choices were kill mute or ban.
Thanks for your advice byAMC.......

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