Application from navarroalexandro777 - 2313+2314

- Tell us why you want to be a clan member of BK and BlAcK servers?
- What is your favorite server you play on the most?
- Since when are you playing on that server?
- How many hours are you playing on BK/Black servers on a regular day?

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Application from navarroalexandro777 - 2313+2314

Postby navarroalexandro777 » Wed 17 Apr 2019, 01:12

A user, navarroalexandro777, has applied with the following information using the application form.
Real name: navarroalexandro777
Applying for: 2313+2314
Reason for applying:
Un admin me lo recomendó ya que vio que era muy noob y me paso la pagina.

Are you willing to make a small donation?: no
When you can't make a small donation what else can you do to help the clan?: soy discapacitado y no pudo dar donacion ala pagina perdon
Your desired BK name please: DRAGONSNAKE
How many hours you play on BK servers?: 6 O 7 HORAS
How long are you playing Halo?: 6 O 7HORAS
What is your age?: 27
Did someone recommended you?: SI un Admin de halo

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Re: Application from navarroalexandro777 - 2313+2314

Postby MikeyWTF » Wed 17 Apr 2019, 03:19

Welcome To The Forum/Bienvenido al foro
Sé paciente y espera a que un Administrador te envíe un mensaje al privado para seguir con la inscripción.

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Re: Application from navarroalexandro777 - 2313+2314

Postby Near7u7r » Wed 17 Apr 2019, 03:22

Bienvenido al foro del clan {BK}.
Welcome To The Forum of the clan {BK}.
Para tener mas información acerca de las reglas del clan, pásate por este link:
English: To have more information about clan rules, visit this link:
Atentamente: {BK}Near7u7
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Re: Application from navarroalexandro777 - 2313+2314

Postby Aízen » Wed 17 Apr 2019, 12:36

¡Welcome to the forum!
Enjoy your stay, soon you will receive answers.
Keep enjoying the {BK} servers. ¡Greetings!

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Re: Application from navarroalexandro777 - 2313+2314

Postby byAMC » Thu 18 Apr 2019, 04:01

Dime el nickname del admin que te recomendó
Tu nick es demasiado largo, tienes un limite de 7 caracteres.
Rellena los siguientes espacios
{BK} _ _ _ _ _ _ _
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Re: Application from navarroalexandro777 - 2313+2314

Postby Contessina » Sat 20 Apr 2019, 05:56


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