{BK} Bigass has Bad Admins

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{BK} Bigass has Bad Admins

Postby messi » Sun 12 May 2019, 05:31

Hello, my nickname in-game is Messi, tonigh i was playing on your Bigass server when i saw a player cheating, in the server there was 3 BK admins named: Pepo12, AngelBG, and Kingsys. So i reported them about the cheating player, they ignored me a lot of time, then the player who was cheating started to make fun of my complain, as if he were admin's friend. I asked them to track him on F7 but they just laugh and laugh making fun of what i was saying. So i met {BK}Crazy, who told me to create this post in order to report that behavior. Those 3 admins are a bad example of what admin meant to be. So i would like if any BK higher admin or leader could take action's on it, because they makes the server get full of badass players. Image

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Re: {BK} Bigass has Bad Admins

Postby Contessina » Sun 12 May 2019, 05:45

Hola Messi, soy Contessina, voy a revisar tu reporte, en cuanto tenga toda la información te daré una respuesta justificada. Mientras tanto si pudieras abonar mas pruebas a lo que paso te lo agradecería bastante, nuestros administradores no siempre pueden detectar a alguien que esta usando trampas, es por eso que pedimos algún vídeo que pueda sustentar ciertas acusaciones, si lo tienes siéntete libre de publicarlo por favor.

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Re: {BK} Bigass has Bad Admins

Postby {BK}Crazy » Sun 12 May 2019, 05:56

Hi some Time is hard to confirm that player is bad or good because some of bad player behavior good when admin enter. When I enter I don't seen him doing anything I suspect him and seeing in chat he was not talking behavior like normal player. So maybe our admin is hard to confirm it that why doesn't did anything. and thnx for the report if you have some more proof so we can make justice it will easy for us to make justice.

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