Application from Shaft - 2443 (Race Taxi)

Apply for admin and get a chance to become a part of Blackshalo!

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Application from Shaft - 2443 (Race Taxi)

Post#1 » Mon 23 Jan 2023, 17:40

A user, Shaft, has applied with the following information using the application form.
Nickname: Shaft
Applying for: 2443 (Race Taxi)
Reason for applying:
Hello, I have come to apply here for some clear reasons. I have noticed that when I play in the morning there are not administrators presentes and whitout fear of being wrong they stay camping, betraying and insulting. Some of them like Sabu Mafu, Sloppy, Andrea Berm, Painal and others that I can't remember their nickname. They always break the rules and I'm willing to make them comply, since I have free time in the mornings and afternoons, I'm a legal race player only and I do not break the rules and I would like to help these guys not bother the others players

Your desired name (May only contain regular letters (A-Z) and numbers (0-9), max 7 characters): Shaft
How long are you playing Halo?: Three years
What names do you use in Halo and/or BK servers?: Shaft
How many hours do you play on BK servers (daily/average)?: 4 hours
What is your age (optional)?: 29
Did someone recommend you? If so, who did?: No

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Re: Application from Shaft - 2443 (Race Taxi)

Post#2 » Mon 23 Jan 2023, 18:07

Hello, good afternoon Shaft, I hope you are enjoying the BK servers.
The players mentioned are the most annoying players on that server, you would be of good help to us in race taxi.
Don't be discouraged! this could take a few days even months. Patience always pays off. :D

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