Starting admins first level READ THIS!!

- Tell us why you want to be a clan member of BK and BlAcK servers?
- What is your favorite server you play on the most?
- Since when are you playing on that server?
- How many hours are you playing on BK/Black servers on a regular day?

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Starting admins first level READ THIS!!

Postby blackfather » Tue 07 Mar 2017, 15:02

You can change your name in Halo profile to the name you will get in the PM
You start on a level where you can do the following things :

/afks (to see who is afk)
/skips (to see how many players want to skip the map, works only if there are more maps)
/aimbot_scores (who is aimbotting?)
/pl (see all players with id numbers
/tell (message all players)
/say (message someone special, get the id with pl)

When the 1 month trial period is over you will get more powers to control your server.
You must write all these commands in the text chat in the game itself. The place where you talk in the game, in that place you enter all the /commands.

first you login with your password /login password (Dont' forget the / before login) after that you can do the commands stated above. Each time with the / before the command.

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