Somebody uses my nick to annoy others

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Somebody uses my nick to annoy others

Postby K.Belen » Sat 28 Dec 2019, 22:45

Hello! I usually play at least once a week in the Bigass sv.
Today when I got into this server they treated me badly, I find out that there is someone quite known who uses my nickname and it seems that he has dedicated himself to annoying others.
I would like to be able to contact some admin who plays frequently in that sv to be able to find a solution to this problem, since I do not do anything bad I do not even have inappropriate language and it seems unfair that they speak to me in a bad way and even that I kick me the sv because they think I'm that person.
I know what the nickname of that known player is but I don't want to make it public here, I want to talk privately with some admin and there I will give you more details.

My nickname is KBelen
Thank you!

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Re: Somebody uses my nick to annoy others

Postby @WORLDHALO » Sun 05 Jan 2020, 15:45

Hello KBelen, if I have seen you play some occasions on the Bigass server, who is that person that bothers you, there is a nickname user CRIZ, who uses several player nicknames and even usurped my nickname in my absence. is it about that user?

Hola KBelen, si te he visto jugar algunas veces en el servidor de Bigass, quién es esa persona que te molesta, hay un usuario de apodo CRIZ, que usa varios apodos de jugador e incluso usurpó mi apodo en mi ausencia. ¿Se trata de ese usuario?

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