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Reporting a player

Posted: Tue 15 Feb 2022, 15:16
by SargeDusan
WARNING: This post may have some words that can be disturbed for some users.
Hello Admins and other users of this server. Because there doesn't exist a seperate post on Blackshalo about reporting players, i posted this tread on main page of Zombies.
Let's get back to the point.
So there's one player called Ruwin and he's player in the game. But he's not unlike the others. Why? it's because he betrays every single player that he gets. I tried to warn him to not betray someone because it's forbidden, just to say "no bch". He did that multiple times while i was playing.
Things got escalated on Blood Gulch. (no, it's not RVB type of thing) We were on one side of the canyon just to get off me on the ground and betray me with rocket launcher. I said to him why he did that just to say to me "gae sarge" because that's my username. We began swearing each other for 10 min because of betraying. Next round on Beaver Creek he did that again and i decided to report him.
Any Head admins should take this as a heavy report. If i'm able i would screenshot the screen but i can't ingame for some reason. Please ban this guy pernamently.