COSTIN1 making false accusations on

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Re: COSTIN1 making false accusations on

Postby Thunder75 » Tue 24 Mar 2020, 10:41

Thanks for your offer, but i don't want to be admin , i can play in another server with my friends from now on, you can keep COSTIN1 and his seeds , i did my part and informed you about his attempts to denigrate the ROK server reputation with his posts in ,( and if you seen his last posts, he still stands strong on his position and claim that everything he said in posts are true) and his hacks used in game, but if that doesn't affect your server , it's fine with me. Good luck and have fun, take care .

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Re: COSTIN1 making false accusations on

Postby Thunder75 » Tue 24 Mar 2020, 14:42

Enjoy COSTIN1 aka workingboy1 latest posts, with other words, admins from ROK server is paying profesionist hackers by hour to attack the players from the server with hacks and bad language, have fun reading

This server tolerate bad ofence,obscenities and hackers.
By workingboy1 | Today 9:34 AM | Report

He is an extremely violent hacker who attacks players by offending them with extremist, racist and offensive language. He tells them: "nigga", "taco".
This ins comes under different names in the game. But it can be easily recognized by its offensive mode of expression and the multiple wall hacks it has and uses in the game. Don't let anyone get close to the base. The opponent will enter. Train before he enters the base. He knows the directions. After each kill he offends players with violent, racist and obscene language. This individual is a professional hacker. He appears where he is paid by the hour. Radical political views.It is an ins that would please sadists, maniacs and anti-Latin individuals, the kind of Trump.Do not embarrass in throwing insults and obscenities, at the same time this person plays dishonest.After my opinion is called and paid by administrators of this server to chase away other players
By workingboy1 | Today 9:30 AM | Report

Workingboy1 aka COSTIN1 has nothing to do with your reports, you waste your time, if you don't know ROK server belongs to ,and if you have complaints, you can post them in there, again don't gives a damn about your posts, they don't have any other authority than track and put together information about different games and afferent servers
By thunder75 | Today 9:18 AM | Report

Report arbitrary kicked out players without warnings and keep favourite players online and score intact !
Report server corrupted !
By workingboy1 | Today 8:54 AM | Report

Report server corrupted !
By workingboy1 | Today 8:54 AM | Report

Let me guess workingboy1 aka COSTIN1, his hacks are better than yours and you can't score anymore? And if you didn't learn until now, taco is not a racist word,A taco is a traditional Mexican dish consisting of a small hand-sized corn or wheat tortilla topped with a filling. The tortilla is then folded around the filling and eaten by hand, I hope you learn something new today
By thunder75 | Today 8:35 AM | Report

Is a professionist hacker right now.His name is arbitrary choosenȘ cmd girl.
Is individual,and is racist .Speak against .His words...nigga....taco...That bad labguage hacker use multiple hacks.And admins of this server it seems calling for him to atack other players !Probable is paid per hour.
By workingboy1 | Today 8:18 AM | Report

Many of the attacks against this server and the players' computers were carried out by professional or amateur hackers.
Some commit these attacks of hatred, or jealousy others may be paid for it. Some have become administrators of this server to intentionally harm others.
By workingboy1 | Yesterday 3:51 AM | Report

It's a whole history of my comments, everything is true. This server was attacked with worms, trojans, keylogers, scripts.
Whoever is curious will read with patience and will see through what I went through. I had to reinstall windows 2 times.
Besides, I support daily the trivial, political or racist offenses of trolls and spammers and parrots. There is no rule of common sense on that server. It seems that this appears here and more and more obvious!
By workingboy1 | Yesterday 2:12 AM | Report

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Re: COSTIN1 making false accusations on

Postby legend996 » Tue 24 Mar 2020, 15:30

Thunder75, you are giving him way too much attention, one player doesn't make or break a server. He gets like 1% attention wherever he is and especially when it's gametracker, not many people read comments there. Like I said, if he wasn't just trolling he would of come here as well.

Have a good day.

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