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Posted: Sat 20 Apr 2019, 22:54
by pop
Hello I´m one of the helpers on this server ROK, we have a great format, just wondering if you might leave some feedback to let us know how to make it better.
Hola, estoy unos de los ayudantes en este servidor ROK, tenemos un formato bueno, solo estoy pensando que me pueden ayudar con tus opiniones para poder mejorarlo.

1. Do you think the scoring system is ok? Yes or No
1. ¿Crees el sistema de apuntaje está bien? Si o No

2. What do you think we should do with AFK´s? 1. - Leave them alone, 2. - kick them or 3. -balance them out between the teams? 1, 2 or 3
2. ¿Que es tu opinion sobre los AFK´s? 1. - Dejanlos como están, 2. - echarles del juego, o 3. - distribuirlos entres los equipos igualmente? 1, 2 o 3

3. Do you think the flag is really all that important? Yes or No
3. ¿Crees que la bandera realmente improta? Si o No

Please leave any other feedback or observations you might have.
Favor de dejar cualquiera otra opinion u observaciones que puedas tener.

Thank you,


Re: POLL for ROK

Posted: Sat 20 Apr 2019, 23:06
by Near7u7r
Rule 1, Don't Kick AFK.
This men.

Re: POLL for ROK

Posted: Sun 21 Apr 2019, 00:13
by pop
I know its a rule,

that´s not what the poll is about though really is it?
Maybe answer the questions and be a help instead of a critic right?

Re: POLL for ROK

Posted: Mon 22 Apr 2019, 12:19
by AwesomePizza_01
hmm, ok:

1. yes

2. 1 yes?

Re: POLL for ROK

Posted: Tue 30 Apr 2019, 17:41
by pop