1v1 a hacker.

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1v1 a hacker.

Postby Rev » Wed 27 Sep 2017, 22:40

this hacker plays in 2316, he uses many names(player 2) but he is known as veleno's son.
like father, like son Lol
2017-09-27 22:47:58 CHAT [GLOBAL] Serpiente 1: you know me ?
2017-09-27 22:48:03 CHAT [GLOBAL] Rev: no
2017-09-27 22:48:10 CHAT [GLOBAL] Serpiente 1: i not Veleno
2017-09-27 22:48:17 CHAT [GLOBAL] Serpiente 1: i am a son
2017-09-27 22:48:29 CHAT [GLOBAL] Rev: bien
as usual he got raped(he used wallhack against me)
we played in two maps: ratrace/prisoner
be sure to check the pictures in the link, he said some funny things.
first map
second map

Learn how to play veleno/veleno's son

p.s: i did it for the meme.

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Re: 1v1 a hacker.

Postby Kronox » Wed 27 Sep 2017, 22:52

:lol: :lol: jajajaja Funny history :D

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Re: 1v1 a hacker.

Postby aishajulieth » Thu 28 Sep 2017, 04:10

._. ...

It is sad to know that real good players are called hackers and the very hackers are called veterans ...

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Re: 1v1 a hacker.

Postby EMIN3M » Thu 28 Sep 2017, 17:37

Wtf ping 8

Good violated xd

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Re: 1v1 a hacker.

Postby Axios Pro » Thu 28 Sep 2017, 23:55

lol great lesson, maybe it is Anarky the son of Veleno, but many times I think it is the same Veleno, I would have liked to see it online nice Rev


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