Scrims with HMR clan admin.

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Scrims with HMR clan admin.

Postby Farhan » Thu 01 Jun 2017, 15:57

Scrims with [HMR]clan admin Floppy.
{BK}Farhan VS [HMR]clan admin FloPPy.

Actually,he challenged me.He said 1 vs 1 with me.He said that all bk are losers.Then I said ok let's see which clan is full of losers.Then I won by 50/15 :lol: .Then he told me Jesus and rage quited :lol: .He was really scared when I am on 46 kill and was saying some shitty excuses.Here is some pictures of that match.
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Re: Scrims with HMR clan admin.

Postby LaverniusGames » Thu 01 Jun 2017, 16:13

Good job showing him which clan is the best. You did good. You have brought honor to our family!
Just have fun and don't ruin it for others!

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Re: Scrims with HMR clan admin.

Postby Rev » Thu 01 Jun 2017, 18:06

Good work.

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