Possible waller.

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Possible waller.

Postby Zblockman » Fri 17 Jan 2020, 19:18

Someone named sex pistol on 2316 seems to be walling. Could someone check him out?

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Re: Possible waller.

Postby Rev » Mon 20 Jan 2020, 00:39

not that you are in discord, you can easily report it.
it's faster that way.

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Re: Possible waller.

Postby ZEUS106 » Fri 07 Feb 2020, 14:31

Gracias por informarnos respecto aun jugador, tomaremos en cuenta su queja, gracias por preferir nuestros servidores, cuidate amigo :D

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Re: Possible waller.

Postby Goldenhawk » Fri 15 May 2020, 16:28

There are so many wallers out there is useless to report them. I myself have used them to even the odds but im not very good at it. But something interesting happened recently. While in the ''Black'' blood gultch modded room a Adm named hog noob was caught using a waller. And this user was at his command console kicking users who shot him. This user wasnt using a (BK) in his name. (against adm rules) When ADM'S abuse there role now this can be a problem. How do i know he was walling....To spot a waller you have to wall yourself.....he was tracking me behind a hill...
ADM abuse can ruin fun for anyone young and old. Walling isnt worth the effort in this CTF themed room. Captured flags Not body count.
Just be aware that a few ADM run rouge from time to time.

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