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Discord Bot

Post#1 » Sat 17 Apr 2021, 06:30

The bot would work to report the uses of the commands, some commands such as timeban or timemute do not work the reason argument, my idea is to know what the command was used for in some player and that the data of how many are saved Sometimes actions were taken on some player.

Here an example.(Google Translator).

El bot funcionaria para dar reporte de usos de los comandos, algunos comandos como el timeban o timemute no les funciona el argumento de la razón, mi idea es para saber para que se uso el comando en algun jugador y que se guarden los datos de cuantas veces se tomaron acciones en algun jugador.

Aqui un ejemplo.


It could also be used to report a player who is breaking the rules.

Here another example.(Google Translator).

También se podría usar para reportar algun jugador que este rompiendo las reglas.

Aqui otro ejemplo.


The purpose of this bot would be to maintain more organization and a quick response from administrators against those who break the rules.(Google Translator).

El propósito de este bot seria para mantener mas organización y una respuesta rapida de los administradores contra los que rompen las reglas.

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Re: Discord Bot

Post#2 » Sat 17 Apr 2021, 06:49

Sé que leerás aquí.

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Re: Discord Bot

Post#3 » Mon 19 Apr 2021, 16:44

He! Thx for the suggestion we need those. The moderators will respond here soon with their thoughts about this subject.

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Re: Discord Bot

Post#4 » Tue 20 Apr 2021, 15:50

We are open to give it a chance if you agree to share the source code with us, as we don't trust bots from unknown sources or random people.

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