Shitty admin behavior in BK Race Server

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Re: Shitty admin behavior in BK Race Server

Post#11 » Fri 10 Jun 2022, 22:54

DrSTD wrote:So i follow the rules and still get kicked by bk santi; if ur gonna let admins indiscriminately (i know that's a big word for you) kick players because they're butt hurt, how quality is the game, really?

Ok, it's clear you have an issue with Santi here. You can tell your story at the "report an admin" section. Give as much details as possible. How many warnings did you get? How many laps did you have at the time you got the warning? What were you actually doing when you get the warnings? What were you doing when you got the kick? Details, details, details so Santi has the possibility to explain you clear what he did when and why.

He could react on it but he's not required to. I'm not going to react before he does, I think you discussed enough with me now.

One hint: Be honest, you won't get a serious discussion when you're not.

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