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Boss says hi

Post#1 » Sun 13 Feb 2022, 10:40

Hi everyone,
I'm Boss, I'm from europe and I'm addicted to Halo (RACE), so I'm very happy and grateful for BK's contribute to keep this great community alive and kicking.
And I do mean to say great community, I've met really nice people and it's a pleasure to play with them everyday.

Unfortunately, I've also met really nasty people, people who seem to only have fun spoilling the fun of others (insults and/ or betrayals), which is why I applied for admin (viewtopic.php?f=22&t=3310).
I want to help keeping the servers enjoyable at all times so that I see them full everytime I open Halo.

Long life for BK/ community!

See you in Halo.

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Re: Boss says hi

Post#2 » Sun 13 Feb 2022, 11:12

Hello and welcome!

Nice to hear from you, we hope you enjoy your stay at the BK realm, including Halo servers and media forms (and hopefully join us as an admin very soon).
Also from my personal point of view, I say it's nice to hear of someone from Europe, since it seems like players from that specific part of the world are few and scarce within the Halo community.

We also please ask you to be patient with your application, it will be reviewed as soon as possible.

Have a good day!

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Re: Boss says hi

Post#3 » Sun 13 Feb 2022, 11:41


Thank you very much, Legend.

You too have a good one!

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Re: Boss says hi

Post#4 » Sun 13 Feb 2022, 17:51

hello Boss!
you must wait for a response from a higher ranking admin
good luck! :D

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Re: Boss says hi

Post#5 » Sun 13 Feb 2022, 19:23

Hi Canelo!

Ok, thank you very much

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