Race taxi server

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Race taxi server

Post#1 » Tue 08 Nov 2022, 21:34


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Re: Race taxi server

Post#2 » Mon 14 Nov 2022, 09:17

What? Please clarify!

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Re: Race taxi server

Post#3 » Mon 14 Nov 2022, 15:47

Your admins make up the rules as they go. The people who are supposed to manage the quality of the admins (you're one of those people) just let them run rampant

For example, your admins allow players like "Subu Matu" to camp 100% of the time in the race server. But if my driver gets killed and I'm somehow still alive in the turret I get banned for "camping" when I'm just waiting a few seconds to see if my driver 'taxis' back to my warthog.

They allow team betray. You'll have someone nading their entire team, and everyone on the team telling the admin about it. The admin will use admin chat to "warn" knowing damn well the player will keep nading the team. Then they just never get around to banning the player.

So yeah gameplay that is *actually* detrimental for the rest of us is fine, but God forbid I say the word "nigger" to (accurately and truthfully) describe their behavior.

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