Problems affecting the game

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Problems affecting the game

Post#1 » Sat 06 Jun 2020, 22:20

Hello, I would like to report certain situations on the server that usually affect the game for players:

1. Sometimes, the server goes into a high unbalance, because some players go out, this usually seems normal, but sometimes they go out from 4 to 5 at the same time, and it usually leaves that team in unbalance, considering that nobody from the other team decides to change

2. Sometimes there are players who are inactive for more than 10 minutes, this is often tedious when it comes to competition on the server, so I would suggest that they activate the afkkick from 10 minutes onwards.

3. Sometimes when typing the "taxi" command, this usually has problems for some players, because it sends the message as if the player had got into a vehicle without this happening (I don't know if it is some mistake of the lua, or if they have it configured).

4. There are many players who enter the server only to ruin the game from traitors, to players who only take the vehicles and hide them in the bases to harm their team, this sometimes is more annoying than the same campers, so if it were possible to activate something that from a certain amount of betrayal that player receives kick, or ban (this would be for players like sloppy, Daniela, MARICONA and others), likewise, the players who take the vehicles to affect the team, that is, they get on them and hide them in the base, stealing it by means of betrayal, some solution could be to expel them).

I'll tell you this, because I'm a constant player and these problems usually occur a lot when the administrators are not in the server, and it generates a lot of annoyance, I hope it helps, to improve the environment within the server.

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Re: Problems affecting the game

Post#2 » Sat 06 Jun 2020, 23:32

Hello, thank you for your suggestions and thoughts, they are always welcome.

To answer your points shortly:

1. We could enable auto-team balance on the server, but we don't know how that would affect gameplay. Sometimes it's a problem when players leave by the masses in one team, but we've also noticed that a lot of players would rather like to switch teams at will, even if it causes unbalance, and eventually return to the server in a near future because they like it that way. If we do enable auto-team balance, we will let know on this section (Race_Taxi (2443), so stay tuned here.

2. We don't kick AFKs, because sometimes they are the only thing stopping the server from being empty, and thus potentially filling it up also. It's a double edged sword and we are aware of that, but it will stay that way for now.

3. That is strange, sometimes the /taxi command doesn't work because there are either no free gunner seats on your team's Warthogs, or nobody is driving a vehicle at all, which sometimes happens too. Sometimes the taxi script might get a little bit glitchy and not work properly, that might be related to latency, but that usually fixes itself over the course of a few minutes. Currently we are not aware of any long term errors, but we will take a look again just in case.

4. We are currently discussing a possible big change to the server, and that is to disable Warthog gunner seats if there is no driver in them. That would solve most of the camping there is on the server, meaning you could only access a warthog turret if there is a driver in it.

Thank you again for your time here, let us know of any other issues you have of if you want to become an admin

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Re: Problems affecting the game

Post#3 » Sat 06 Jun 2020, 23:55

In my humble opinion they should put more importance against the guys who start betraying in the server than in the campers, since many of the old players like to kill the campers and show them the level, but the most worrying problem is the traitors

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Re: Problems affecting the game

Post#4 » Sun 28 Jun 2020, 22:49

Please don't disable the guns if nobody is in them.. that would just ruin the game.. please focus more on the traitors

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Re: Problems affecting the game

Post#5 » Sun 28 Jun 2020, 23:27

Thank you for your reports and ideas for the server game.
As for traitors, the administrators present will take action against them.
For the future, maybe a script for traitors can be implemented.

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