2 new ideas for the server/2 nuevas ideas para server

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2 new ideas for the server/2 nuevas ideas para server

Post#1 » Thu 24 Jun 2021, 13:55

Hi, I've been playing in this server for a long time and I love it, however, there are 2 things that I find unnecessary and sometimes the haters take advantage of them to spoil the fun, here are they:

1. When choosing the map for the next game, you could take out the map we just played. This is because when the haters are around they choose the same map for 2 things: so they can betray or just because they think they're funny, but I don't think anyone really wants to play the same map twice or thrice or there are times when it's up to 5 times!! I know there is the majoritly and skip system, but both of them sometimes just don't work and people would rather leave because of boredom.

2. Take out the plasma granades: They serve no strategic purpose, make the game slow and people take advantage of them for betraying (typing taxi, sticking nade, repeat) or camping. I can't find any valid argumen of having them, the disadvantages are far greater than having them.


1. Cuando elegimos mapa, se debería quitar el que acábamos de jugar porque no es divertido jugar el mismo mapa 2 veces y alguna gente hace esto solo para molestar.

2. Quitar las granadas de plasma porque los jugadores qur hacen race de verdad no las usan. Solo las usan campers y traicioneros que presionan taxi, se salen y las pegan. Si piensan bien, las granadas de plasma solo estorban y perjudican al jugador, no son adecuadas para este server.

Thank you for reading me, I'd be grateful if you take them into consideration. I'm talking from my experience and please tell me if you players agree.

Gracias por leerme, por favor díganme lo que opinan y si quieren apoyenme para que se hagan los cambios.

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