player abuse of power {Bk} crow

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player abuse of power {Bk} crow

Post#1 » Sun 28 Jun 2020, 17:57

This admin keeps quiet about the players. Supposedly because he is the law he can do whatever he wants. I will upload some screenshots that I take of how he treats the players on the server using zombies. When I entered the server today, there was a player who said something I don't remember but it was not an insult. and he mutes it and says that the first asshole has fallen and that he is waiting for the next one to mute it. I complained about his action in the most polite way possible and his response was to stop being a toad and he gave me mute. PFF BK be serious, don't give admin to any idiot you find out there. make you feel, if you keep running things as you please they will still be shit as a clan. and I'm not saying it. The whole halo community that talks about you and your mismanagement says so. its toxicity is already recognized in all halo. so if you at least have some dignity remove this useless piece of admin because if this admin is still aware of this or another of its servers. Believe me, no one will ever enter your servers again. ATT: JHON ALEXIS
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