{BK} Serafin banned me and muted me when I was following the rules

Report an admin if you have caught him abusing his power or breaking the rules, with the respective proof.

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{BK} Serafin banned me and muted me when I was following the rules

Post#1 » Sun 08 May 2022, 18:08

On the morning of Sunday, May 8, the administrator Bk Serafin banned me for "betraying" in the Race_Taxi server, however, at no time did I do so. The only thing I did was shoot another car with the whartog machine gun at a FRIEND as a prank and it was only once and that's it, but the admin kicked me out without warning. Later I accidentally pushed him in a game because he was going through the narrow tunnels in the Danger Canyon map and without saying a word he kicked me out and when I came back he permanently silenced me just for saying the phrase “cry more”.

Another admin named {BK} Boss was present at this time and was able to witness such injustice and abuse of power by this guy.
It's really sad and ridiculous that such childish and immature administrators have so much power within the servers, they just do what they want and if you don't agree with them, goodbye. Because of people like him, people stop entering the game.

But to all this, where is BK and what does he do to moderate this type of characters?
Thanks for your attention.

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Re: {BK} Serafin banned me and muted me when I was following the rules

Post#2 » Sun 08 May 2022, 23:25

I think the text by you, Emilia, speaks for itself. Repeated betraying (team shooting, team ramming). Getting into arguments with an admin.

Bit of an addition: the hog you shot at as a "prank" had me in it. Your ramming seemed far from accidental as your hog kept going and going as it rammed my hog and there was plenty of time to... idk.. maybe just stop ramming it? You also did not say "cry more" once, but several times (I assume you didn't think I'd understand it when you said it in Spanish, so you conveniently 'forgot' to mention here you did it more than once).

I also did not ban you. I kicked you for the betraying. You rejoined. You talked. Then I muted you. You left. You almost immediatly rejoined. I muted you again to make sure you were muted. You left again.

If you believe that I "cry" for doing my task as an admin, then you don't seem to understand what an admin does and/or do not understand how rules work in a BK server. If you wish to prank a friend that's ok with being pranked, make sure the prank affects only your friend.

Thank you for your post, we're always happy to make sure our admins do not abuse their powers.

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