BK Brandon Admin Abuse

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BK Brandon Admin Abuse

Post#1 » Fri 03 Jun 2022, 21:25

This is really getting annoying...
I have been playing as PENETRADOR for some time, and I'm fully aware that there is some wannabe posing as myself.
This time I have played like 5mins on the Bigass server without saying a single word (I know you guys read the chatlogs, so feel free to do so), and this guy Brandon muted me for 60 mins without a proper warning or something... Just the mute without any reason.

As Former admin, I know you should warn AT LEAST ONCE a player. I know that guy have some issues with me when he plays using another account, but as long as I am not breaking any rule... you should keep your personal stuff personal and not mixing it with your admin stuff.

You may be wondering: How you can prove you are the original PENETRADOR, and not the fake one?
1- I can speak both Spanish and English, My main lang while playing is spanish, while the fake speaks only english
2- I never spam the chat, the fake one does
3- I do not drive like a GTA NPC (I also play on Race server and always end with at least 1 lap on every map)
4- My playstyle is consistent when playing Bigass (Defense CTF)

I am attaching some proof of the above. My nick was even changed on a game bc of the fake one (why would I use Penguin anyway?)


Video Proves Points 1,2 and 4
Screenshot proves point 3

If he wanted to do something to the fake one feel free to do so, and I understand ppl may get confused bc of this...
otherwise I think you owe me an apology...

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