Application from Joker302w - 2313+2314

- Tell us why you want to be a clan member of BK and BlAcK servers?
- What is your favorite server you play on the most?
- Since when are you playing on that server?
- How many hours are you playing on BK/Black servers on a regular day?

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Application from Joker302w - 2313+2314

Postby Joker302w » Sun 06 Jan 2019, 23:02

A user, Joker302w, has applied with the following information using the application form.
Real name: Joker302w
Applying for: 2313+2314
Reason for applying:
I'd be a good admin because, first of all, I speak Spanish and English. I've learned English through many years of talking with Americans and ¡also playing Halo!. I love playing Halo Ce and the best part is when I enter into the Bk server. I really enjoy playing in your server and because of that, I'd like to have the opportunity to manage the hackers and stuff that make people get bored and stressed about the server. I've had several opportunities to see the people get mad and sad about the hacks. I'm very respectful about talking with people, even when they're rude. I hope I could get the chance to be part of the BK group. :)

Your desired BK name please: Joker302w
How many hours you play on BK servers?: 3 to 5 hours per day but lately I've been traveling so I couldn't be much time in the server. Now I came back home so I'm ready to play
How long are you playing Halo?: 7 years
What is your age?: 21
Why do you want to be an admin on BK servers?: I want to erradicate all the hackers from your server to make it very clean from traps.
Did someone recommended you?: No
Why should we choose you?: I'm gonna very proactive doing the cleaning and helping in your server.


Re: Application from Joker302w - 2313+2314

Postby Zech » Sun 06 Jan 2019, 23:30

Ok cool i already send you the next step to be {BK}

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