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About {BK}Yourmum

Postby Yourmum » Thu 11 Jan 2018, 01:49

What an interesting life you have! Well, myself, I am a training doctor at the hospital. I work most of the days in the clinics and help patients recover.

I play Halo to reduce my stress or play music. I haven't been active much in 2313 because I am at work.

I own a Drone which I take to various locations to snap videos. I love flying and I will be starting my pilots licence course in the near future

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Re: About {BK}Yourmum

Postby Sonne » Thu 11 Jan 2018, 19:00

Gracias por compartir con nosotros!, Saludos Yourmum

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Re: About {BK}Yourmum

Postby Kronox » Thu 11 Jan 2018, 22:13



Re: About {BK}Yourmum

Postby SOD » Fri 12 Jan 2018, 22:12

Thanks for helping people, keep it up, thanks for sharing this.


Re: About {BK}Yourmum

Postby Zech » Thu 18 Jan 2018, 05:29

Nice,Thanks for sharing us. :)

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Re: About {BK}Yourmum

Postby Smile » Thu 18 Jan 2018, 05:48

Gracias por tu información

Se te olvidó añadir tu correo electrónico, tu numero de telefono, la dirección de tu casa y si estás soltero :v ehh broma

Yo quería ser médico cirujano :v
Sueños locos.
♡ Smile ♡ \(*3*)/

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Re: About {BK}Yourmum

Postby Miracle1325 » Fri 09 Feb 2018, 03:44

Mummy are the drama queen?

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Re: About {BK}Yourmum

Postby Rev » Thu 22 Mar 2018, 09:58

your job is not easy, good to have you here.

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