URGENT - Foxtrox Camper and Wall

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URGENT - Foxtrox Camper and Wall

Postby »TC«Pepsi » Mon 23 Dec 2019, 17:45

Este jugador siempre pasa su tiempo usando wall. Desafortunadamente, no tengo evidencia de que use el wall sino testigos (muchos se quejan en el chat del juego). Afortunadamente tengo evidencia del camper: https://subefotos.com/ver/?1c534e8501072bc8da9c308da5c3caa6o.png

Este tramposo, rompe las reglas del servidor todos los días, y recuerdo que también jugadores como Alx Rose, Brenda CHZ, Rock Lee, que ayudan a los campistas con barreras o bloqueo, o simplemente ayudando al equipo contrario.

This player always spends his time using wall. Unfortunately, I have no evidence that use the wall but witnesses (many complain in the chat of the game). Fortunately I have evidence of the camper: https://subefotos.com/ver/?1c534e8501072bc8da9c308da5c3caa6o.png

This cheater, break the rules of the server every day, and I remember also players like Axl Rose, Brenda CHZ, Rock Lee, helping campers or blocking barriers, or simply helping the opposing team.
:) 0 Wallers - 0 Campers :)

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Re: URGENT - Foxtrox Camper and Wall

Postby Rev » Tue 24 Dec 2019, 21:25

i have been playing with him and so far he doesn't use wallhack, you have to understand you can still see zombies if they have camo.
i advice you to watch this video.

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